As stated in its Responsible Management Policy, Socfin has committed itself to 4 key principles that will help them achieve responsible operations.

  1. Responsible Development

    Socfin has pledged, for all its operations, to eliminate deforestation and exploitation. This means Socfin is committed not to develop any greenfields until a full assessment of High Carbon Stock and High Conservation Value land is completed and approved; it will also respect the rights of indigenous populations and local communities to give or withhold free, prior informed consent to operations affecting their land and resources. Learn more, and see our progress
  2. Best Management Practice

    Implementing best environmental and social management practices will ensure the effects of Socfin's efforts will last long in the future. Socfin commits to complying with local and international laws and regulations, to minimising its environmental impacts, facilitating the inclusion of smallholders in its supply chains, ensuring fair and transparent price negotiations, and to constantly improving its practices. Learn more, and see our progress
  3. Respect Human Rights

    As all the operations have a direct and indirect effect on people, individuals and communities, it is important to the Socfin Group to recognise and respect their rights. Socfin is committed to respecting and supporting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and recognising and respecting the rights of all workers (including temporary and migrant workers and subcontractors) as well as of of local and indigenous communities. Learn more, and see our progress
  4. Transparency

    Sharing the Socfin Groups plan, actions and progress with its stakeholders is both a goal and a means of achieving other goals. Transparency gives Socfin commitments weight and facilitates continuous improvement. As a part of this, Socfin will achieve 100% traceability to its raw materials suppliers, implement an open and transparent grievance management mechanism, and report its progress publicly. Learn more, and see our progress