Fulfilling an ambitious set of commitments will take time; but by following the roadmap below Socfin intends to achieve them. This roadmap is a living document and will evolve as progress in implementation reveals new opportunities and challenges, achieves successes, and/or presents a need to adapt the approach.

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    Responsible development of the operations

    Socfin Group operations are spread over the globe and cover a wide range of activities in different commodity supply chains. In order to ensure all operations are carried out in line with its commitments, Socfin needs to:

    • Communicate a clear message to its staff and provide them with resources and tools adequate to implement the Policy;
    • Collect existing documentation, data and studies to establish the baseline; with this information, create a strategy for prioritisation of transformation actions;
    • Build capacity of the relevant staff with regards to HCS, HCV and FPIC implementation.

  2. Increase the transparency of its operations

    Openly communicating on its operations is not an easy task for a company as complex as the Socfin Group, which is constantly evolving in a number of different and challenging contexts. However, Socfin's Group will work on improving, step by step, the openness of its operations with the aim to achieve full transparency. This objective will start with the following steps:

    • Develop and launch a transparency dashboard;
    • Regularly (at least bi-annually) update the dashboard;
    • Publish bi-annual progress report on the Policy implementation plan;
    • Proactively engage with stakeholders.

  3. Ensure effective management of grievances raised to Socfin

    While Socfin strives every day to reduce the negative impacts on communities and the planet while also carrying out its core activity of plantations development and management, it acknowledges it may make mistakes or that others might want to raise issues related to its activities. Therefore, Socfin intends to be transparent about the grievances stakeholders raise as well as the resolution process Socfin has or will implement to address those grievances. To this purpose, Socfin will publish its grievance mechanism on its transparency dashboard. Any stakeholder should use this mechanism to raise concerns; Socfin in turn shall use it to address any grievance and implement it to agree upon solutions.

  4. Design tailor-made action plans for Socfin Group sites to aid transformation

    In order to help the Group progress as efficiently as possible towards full implementation of its Responsible Management Policy, Socfin understands that it must take concrete steps that are adapted to the local contexts of its diverse operations. Therefore, together with its partner TFT, Socfin will evaluate the gaps between its current operations globally and its commitments under the Policy. Socfin and TFT will then collaboratively develop specific, pragmatic action plans to be implemented at local level to address the particular needs. Monitoring the implementation of these action plans will also be key in achieving Socfin's commitments, as well as in identifying and analysing any challenges encountered, with the ultimate aim of speeding and scaling the transformation process.