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Key Definitions

Below is a selection of key technical terms used in this dashboard and their definitions.

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High Carbon Stock (HCS)

The High Carbon Stock approach is a methodology that “distinguishes forest areas for protection from degraded lands with low carbon and biodiversity values that may be developed,” according to the website of the HCS working group. The methodology classifies different types of forest and simplifies a system for determining go/no-go areas for conservation.


High Conservation Value (HCV)

High conservation value land is land that is biologically, ecologically, socially or culturally important. It can include high concentrations of endemic or rare/endangered species, landscape-level or rare/endangered ecosystems, important sources of ecosystem services, including resources for integral to the health, food and water security, and/or nutrition of local communities, or which carries cultural, historical or religions significance.


Fresh fruit bunches (FFB)

Fresh fruit bunches are the ripe fruit of oil palm trees, that are harvested for eventual refining and processing into oil.


Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC)

Local and indigenous communities are entitled to give or withhold their free, prior and informed consent for any interventions that might affect their lives or livelihood, under many United Nations conventions and treaties as well as many national legal systems. For example, see the Food and Agriculture Organization’s manual on FPIC. To comply with FPIC, Socfin will engage with these communities and solicit their active participation in undertaking transformative actions under its Responsible Management Policy; Socfin is also committed to addressing any grievances that arise during the process.



Traceability can have different definitions depending on different contexts, including who is doing the supplying of the raw materials.

Palm oil definition: Below is a summary of the data that Socfin must collect on each type of fresh fruit bunches (FFBs) source to meet its definition of traceability.

FFB sourcesFFB source definitionData needed for traceability to FFB
Estate>500 Ha under one management system
  1. Estate name

  2. Parent company name

  3. Certification status

  4. % of overall FFB tonnage to mill
DealersAny entity that aggregates and supplies FFB from various growers
  1. Dealer names

  2. % of overall FFB tonnage to mill
SmallholdersSmallholders (size varies according to each country)
  1. Smallholder group name

  2. Number of smallholders

  3. Certification status

  4. % of overall FFB tonnage to mill